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How to Clean Car Windows

Kent Lansing
Jun 29, 2020

Achieving streak-free windows is somewhat of an art form. Most times we find ourselves scrubbing and scrubbing just for them to look streaky and not noticeably cleaner. However, there is a method to the madness. Using the right techniques and the right tools, it is possible to achieve the seemingly impossible. Here are some tips to follow:

Clean From Top to Bottom

As we all know, gravity tends to pull objects downwards. Cleaning from top to bottom uses gravity to your advantage and helps pull the cleaner into areas not yet cleaned, and most importantly avoiding streaks.

Do Not Use Paper Towels

Due to paper towels being highly absorbent, they are not your best bet for cleaning auto glass. Instead, using a sponge or piece of cloth will help you effectively clean before drying. 

After the cleaning process is complete, we recommend using a squeegee to remove the bulk of the moisture, and then finishing off with a high quality short nap microfiber cloth.

Clean Your Windshield Wipers

Cleaning your windshield without touching your wipers would be like washing your clothes but then set them on a pile of topsoil to dry. Any dirt that exists on your windshield wipers is going to progressively get transferred onto the glass, making it dirty once again. 

While you’re cleaning, take a few moments to inspect your windshield wiper blades to make sure they’re still in good and working condition. 

Use The Right Product

Using the right product makes a world of difference when cleaning glass. Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner is designed to remove dirt, grime, grease, and film, without leaving a haze or streak.