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How Large Insurance Companies Deal With Windshield Repairs

Kent Lansing
Feb 1, 2021
Unless you live in a state like Florida where state legislation mandates free windshield replacement, insurance companies have no obligation to waive deductibles and offer special treatment for windshield repairs or replacement. However, despite no laws requiring it, many insurance companies choose to provide free windshield crack repairs to comprehensive policy holders to avoid heftier bills down the road. 

Why would they do this?

While those with older vehicles lacking any sort of ADAS, windshield replacements often fall within the range of $200-400. However, a Tesla Model X panoramic windshield can cost up to $2300 — quite the difference. With more and more vehicles implementing technology to improve safety via ADAS or other telematics, the average replacement and calibration cost continues to rise. 

Comprehensive policy holders facing a replacement cost of $400 and a deductible of $250 may choose to pay out of pocket, but technology in windshields becomes increasingly prevalent this scenario becomes much more infrequent. The Model X may seem like a drastic example, but even a 2020 Honda Civic can come with a $900+ price tag for a windshield replacement. A healthy chunk of this is not going towards the glass itself, but to the technology calibration, a vital procedure to ensure your safety features are in fact keeping you safer.  By choosing to be proactive and stop the damage before it spreads, windshield repairs can often be done for less than $150.

Does my windshield need replaced or can it be repaired?

There are many factors that determine whether a windshield needs to be replaced, or if it can simply be repaired. Most commonly, the factors include proximity to edge, size, quantity, and the damage’s impairment to the driver’s line of sight that dictate the outcome. Click here to learn more about when your windshield cannot be repaired and needs replaced.

Which companies offer this?

Here is a list of some major insurance companies, and their policies on waiving deductibles for windshield repairs. If your policy provider is not listed, they may still offer a waiver. Please consult your policy or contact your insurance agent to have any questions answered.

Insurance Company No Deductible for Repair?
State Farm 888-624-4410 Not unless required by law
Geico 800-510-2291 Yes
Allstate 800-669-2214 Yes
Progressive 800-776-4737 Yes
Liberty Mutual 800-225-2467 Yes
Farmers 800-435-7764 No
USAA 888-452-7754 Yes
Nationwide 800-421-3535 Yes
Travelers 800-238-6225 Yes
American Family Mutual 800-692-6326 Yes

Regardless of your auto policy, it can be costly and dangerous to not repair your windshield if it has suffered damage. Use our instant quote tool to connect with one of our preferred providers and get back on the road safely today.