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Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

Shanna Graybill
Mar 12, 2020

With spring officially arriving next week, the weather is starting to show signs of turning a corner. Despite the warm weather still taunting us from the distance, there are some things you can be doing to get your car prepared for the upcoming season and beyond. Take a look below at a few different ways you can stay safe behind the wheel this spring!

Evaluate Your Wiper Blades

It can rain a lot in the spring, so it’s important to ensure the health of your wiper blades is sound. If you notice a good amount of wear and tear on your blades, or if they emit a strange noise when running across your windshield, this often means they are past their prime and should be replaced. With most wiper blades costing less than $40 a pair, this is a small price to pay to stay safe and maintain a clear view of the road ahead in inclement weather.

Inspect Your Tire Pressure

The temperature outside can influence your tire pressure, so as the weather warms up you’re going to want to keep a consistent eye on your tires. Warm weather can actually increase your tire pressure, and if it gets too high then your tire stands the chance of blowing out. The recommended pressure is usually between 30 and 35 PSI and is commonly listed on the tire itself. At Glassy we recommend keeping a pressure gauge in your car and making a habit to check your tires when stopping to refuel.

Check Your Brakes

There can be some hard stops all throughout the winter driving season but being able to bring your vehicle to a halt in icy weather is tantamount to overall safety. Now that spring is here, it’s important to check if all that hard driving throughout the winter has impacted your brakes. If you don’t hear any strange noises or feel shuddering throughout your vehicle, your brakes are likely in good shape. But, if your car emits a grinding noise when you put pressure on the brakes, you’re going to want to get that looked at immediately. The saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ certainly rings true in this situation. Continuing to drive with worn down or damaged brakes not only is a safety risk for yourself and those around you but can cause additional damage and thus expenses to your vehicle.  

These are just a few of the things you can do for your vehicle this spring season. The season just around the corner, so take advantage of time. If you notice your auto glass needs tending during your spring check-up, don’t hesitate to find an autoglass shop with Glassy!