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Care for Your Windshield in the Summer

Kent Lansing
Jul 10, 2012

The summer season is a time for barbecues and relaxation, as well as pools, beaches, and cool glasses of lemonade. But why is this? Because it’s hot! These few months of summer can get pretty hot, and for this year in 2012, we are seeing some of the highest temperatures on record. What does this mean? Added cooling costs for your home and a higher toll on the things you use outside, like your vehicle. Be sure to properly maintain your vehicle’s windshield in the summer time.

The sweltering heat can do damage to your windshield, especially if chips and cracks are present. The heat can cause cracks to expands and cause cracks to develop from windshield chips. It is also a good idea to park your car in the shade and to not direct cool air from your air conditioning onto the hot glass as it causes a sudden temperature change that can elongate cracks.Keep your windshield in mind during these hot summer months. It can save you money and keep you safe. Stay cool this summer, and take care of that windshield.