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How to Clean Your Headlights

Kent Lansing
Apr 9, 2020

The plastic of our headlights eventually gets dirty and corrodes over time, leaving a cloudy film that does not let enough light through. With something as important as keeping up your visibility on the road, you don’t want to ignore this issue. Keep your headlights clean using a few simple tips.

Use a glass cleaner or soap to wipe down the headlights. Then dry down the headlights completely and tape all around the headlights, adhering to paint of the car. Using simple electrical or painters tape will suffice.

Once the paint is completely covered, use high grit sandpaper on the affected surface of the headlights. If the tape is applied correctly, there is very minimal risk to your vehicle’s paint. Use your elbow grease here and completely clean those headlights until you see a noticeable difference. The yellowish grime should be removed.

Next, use a nice polish to clean up the scratches from the sandpaper. Use a UV sealant on the headlights next. You need to restore the UV protection that was partially removed in the sandpapering process.  Both of these products can be inexpensively purchased online or at your local automotive store.

Many automotive repair companies offer similar products, here at Glassy we recommend using Sylvania’s Headlight Restoration Kit for the best results.

Having clear vision when driving at night is imperative to and avoiding collisions. For your safety and the safety of others, take the time to clean your headlights if you notice your headlights are performing poorly.