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How To Fix a Squeaky Car Window

Kent Lansing
May 8, 2020

After many years of use, vehicle owners may start to notice their windows squeaking when rolling up or down. Oftentimes, this is simply due to a lack of lubricant. Originally applied by the manufacturer during the time of creation, the window lubricant has slowly but surely worn away. However, this is a very cheap and easy fix that can be done right at home!

Make Sure To Use Dry Lubricant

When going to the store to purchase a lubricant, you want to avoid using any petroleum-based or oily lubricant. Using one of these lubricants will allow dirt and dust to be captured and can cause problems down the road. At Glassy, we recommend using 3M’s Silicone Spray, or another form of dry lubricant.

3 Steps To Fix Your Squeaky Window

Before spraying any lubricant, take a few minutes to wash and dry each window. Once thoroughly dry, roll each window down as far as they will go. Insert your lubricant smart straw through the weather seal, and thoroughly lubricate both sides of the window frame. 

After applying lubricant to all necessary windows, return to the window treated first. Raise and lower the window three times, to ensure the lubricant has spread to all of the necessary components.

Let the vehicle sit for 5 minutes, and then complete a raise/lower cycle once more. If squeaking persists, repeat the first two steps. Once the squeaking has subsided, clean the windows once more to remove any lubricant residue.