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How to Get a Free Windshield Replacement

Kent Lansing
May 20, 2020

From ensuring a clear view of the road to supporting your vehicle’s structure in a rollover, windshields are an integral safety feature. As such, federal regulations have been set in place by the U.S. Department of Transportation that outlines minimum windshield laws and visibility requirements. 

However, like many other government sectors, each state has its own Department of Transportation that may set laws that go beyond federal regulations. Additionally, some states have set specific requirements for how insurance companies handle windshield repairs and replacements, and the use of aftermarket or used parts. There are currently three zero-deductible states: Florida, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

What Is a Zero-Deductible State?

Put simply, in zero-deductible states insurance companies are required by law to waive the deductible on windshield repairs and replacements for those with comprehensive coverage. 

However, not all states have the same regulations. Florida, for example, only waives deductibles for windshield claims while South Carolina and Kentuck cover all types of auto glass. 

Can I Get a Free Windshield Replacement if I Live Outside of These States?

While there are only three states that have zero-deductible mandates, this does not prevent insurance companies from offering this as a perk or an additional package. Geico, for example, will waive the deductible for comprehensive policyholders when the crack is smaller than a dollar bill.

If your windshield is damaged and needs repaired or replaced, we at Glassy urge you to make the right decision and see an auto glass professional immediately. Use our instant quote tool to find a provider near you!