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Remember to Scrape Windshields in Cold Weather

Kent Lansing
Jan 23, 2013

It is still winter time, which means that in your area, temperatures can still dip below or well-below freezing. This can lead to not only having to wear a few extra layers in the morning, but also having to potentially scrape ice and frost off a windshield in the morning before driving to work or running errands. Take the few extra minutes to either scrape the windshield or defrost it. It is the little extra time spent that will potentially save you money and keep you out of harm’s way.

Recent news articles reveal that people failing to defrost or scrape the ice off their windshields are really risking their safety. There have been a few articles about a few motorists who have gotten into accidents because they failed to scrape their windshields. It is not worth it to drive with a frosted-over windshield. Also, if you fail to defrost or scrape your windshield, you can also be fined. You can be ticketed for obstructed driving, since you do not have a clear line of sight. With that said, be safe this winter, and take that extra time to scrape those windshields.