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States With Glass Endorsement Coverage That Will Save You Money

Kent Lansing
Nov 3, 2020

Getting your windshield replaced can be an expensive ordeal. Thankfully, some states require insurers to offer “endorsements” on their auto insurance policies that take the sting out of your wallet. These coverage options guarantee that you’ll get your windshield replaced at no cost or for a lower-than-normal deductible. 

You’ll need to be sure that your policy has these endorsements in these states but it’s well worth checking. Here’s a breakdown of what each “endorsement” state offers:

Arizona (AZ)

There is an optional “full glass” or “safety equipment” coverage that you can purchase, which pays for windshield repairs with no deductible. [Source]

Connecticut (CT) 

Has an optional “Full Glass Coverage” option that covers broken safety glass (including windshields) with no deductible. [Source: Connecticut Insurance Department

Massachusetts (MA)

If you have comprehensive insurance, the repair/replace is either at no cost to you or there is a $100 deductible (only if you opted in to it), regardless of your normal comprehensive deductible. 

Minnesota (MN)

Insurance companies are required to offer optional Full Glass Replacement coverage; if you have this, there is no cost for you to repair or replace a windshield. [Source: Minnesota Statute]

New York (NY)

Insurers may offer policies with no deductible for glass. [Source: State of New York Insurance Department]