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Summer Activities to Do in Your Car

Kent Lansing
Jun 8, 2020

While this summer may look a bit different due to social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop. Here are five summer activities to do in your car that still follow social distancing!

Take a Scenic Drive

Especially for those of us stuck in the concrete jungle of a major city, we sometimes forget about the pure beauty of the world we live in. Whether it’s a short afternoon drive through the countryside or a week-long journey across Route 66, this is a great way to reset, and feel refreshed. 


In recent years, the vast majority of people have come to an understanding that we often indulge in the overconsumption of technology. Especially in times like these, the information overload can get to be too much — and have a negative impact on our headspace and outlook on life. Here at Glassy, we are big advocates of taking time to unplug, get out of the house, and enjoy this beautiful world we live in. Thankfully, hanging out with stars is compliant with social distancing rules — given that they’re ever so slightly farther than 6 feet away. Grab some blankets, snacks, friends, and enjoy the timeless activity of doing absolutely nothing but staring at the stars, conversing, and relaxing.

Let’s All Go To the Drive-In 

Significantly less popular since the advent of video rentals and online streaming, drive-in theaters have seen a surge in popularity amidst social distancing policies across the country. With many theaters implementing apps for concession orders and reduced capacity, this is a great and safe way to spend time with friends or family during this unusual period.

Local Drive-In Restaurant

Going to a restaurant with friends and family is an activity that has been ingrained in our culture for many decades. The ability to share a meal, catch up, and spend time together without the work required to prepare said food has quite an allure. However, during these unprecedented times, we are learning to create a new normal. For many people, that is beginning to include drive-in restaurants, a symbol of traditional Americana food. While many chains such as Swanson’s or Sonic exist in this day and age, for a unique experience we highly recommend seeking out a locally owned and operated drive-in restaurant!