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The Importance of Auto Glass Replacement

Kent Lansing
Jul 2, 2018

Most car owners agree that keeping your vehicle looking good is a priority. However, even if your car looks good, if it’s not safe to drive because your windshield has a chip or crack in it, you need an auto glass replacement. You will have to make an appointment with an auto glass installer to replace your windshield if it cannot be repaired.

Safety takes precedence over how your car looks, so it is vital that you keep your windshield in excellent condition to ensure that it is safe to drive on the road. But why is auto glass replacement so important? Read on to get all the facts before you pull out of your garage.

How Your Car’s Windshield Protects You

Many people do not realize just how essential their car’s windshield is to their safety when on the road. Your windshield keeps you and your passengers protected from debris on the road that could possibly hurt you, especially when your windshield is cracked or chipped.

For example, if you have a crack in your windshield and a large stone hits the area where it is cracked, you have a much higher chance that the stone will make the crack even worse or smash your whole windshield.

Your vehicle’s windshield provides around 30% of your car’s structural integrity. How?

  • Your windshield supports the passenger airbag should it deploy
  • Your windshield supports your car’s roof, especially in the event of your vehicle rolling
  • A windshield without cracks and chips stops airborne road debris from entering your vehicle through the windshield
  • In the event of a collision or rollover, your windshield keeps you inside the car, so you won’t be ejected, lowering your risk of fatality
  • Most new models of vehicles have a protective film layer that stops UV rays from penetrating the windshield, so no sunburn

It is vital that you understand the dangers of driving with a cracked or chipped windshield. Nothing is scarier than a rock hitting your window while driving, but imagine it cracking as you drive. This is why you must replace your windshield as soon as you can.

Final Thoughts

When you clean your car’s windows, look for small chips and cracks that you may not have noticed before. See that these are repaired before they become a bigger problem. If you have a crack or chip that is too big to be repaired, or the damage is within the windscreen wiper radius on the driver’s side of the vehicle, an auto glass replacement will be necessary. Your vehicle takes care of you on the road; be sure to take care of it too.