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Your Windshield is Vulnerable After a Chip

Kent Lansing
May 30, 2013

Driving near large trucks can not only be hazardous to you, but also for your windshield. In large trucks, their visibility is limited, so it is not a good idea to drive next to them or closely behind them for long periods of time. Along with this, they can easily kick up large rocks, which bounce off the road and get kicked up, sometimes impacting your windshield. Windshield chips come in all sizes, and really weaken your windshield.

The problem with windshield chips is that they are dangerous in the sense that they form a distraction in your line of sight, and they also weaken your windshield, which is an important structural support to your vehicle. Anything that disrupts your line of sight is considered a distraction. You definitely do not want distractions while driving, and it really increases your chances of getting into an accident. Along with this, your windshield is weakened. Some windshields provide a great deal  of support to the roof of the vehicle in the case of rollovers, and also serve to control the direction of airbags.

With a windshield chip, cracks can easily stem from them. Cracks are the worst damage that can occur to your windshield, since they cannot be repaired. Chips can, but once cracks stem from these chips, than your windshield will need to be completely replaced. Cracks also form distractions, and even simple temperature changes, or windshield cleanings can cause those cracks to spread. Do yourself a favor and get the chip repaired as soon as they happen. Most chips can be repaired, saving your money and giving you extra safety.