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Protect Your Windshield from Bug Splatter

Kent Lansing
Jun 22, 2020

If you’re like us, you feel bad when a bug explodes on your windshield. If not, you’re simply inconvenienced by the fact you now have a giant splatter mark on your auto glass. No bug is going to crack your windshield, but what they leave behind can make it look unsightly. Not to mention they can cover your grill and hood too. Follow some of these tips to keep your vehicle bug carcass and splatter-free.

Apply Car Wax

Applying car wax to your vehicle before bug season can ensure your car will be protected from most bug splatters, at least on the hood and bumper. Not only can a fresh coat of wax protect your car’s paint job, but it also deflects bug splatters from coming into direct contact with your vehicle.

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Apply Baby Oil

If you’re out of car wax, it doesn’t mean you can’t be protected from bug splatters! One of the alternatives you can utilize is baby oil. Just be sure it is the nonstick, light baby oil. Apply a thin layer to your hood, grille, and bumper. Also, you can apply a layer of baby oil above the windshield as well. This method isn’t going to keep your car splatter-free, but it will make the clean-up process much simpler.

Make sure to use a baby oil without dyes, like Johnson’s Pure Mineral Oil.

Get a Bug Shield

Yes, bug shields are real car accessories. The purpose of the shield is to absorb bug impacts, and they usually send bugs right up over your car. They are relatively cheap to purchase and can save you both time and money on having to replace windshield wiper blades during bug season.

Protecting your car against bug splatters not only relieves you of the hassle of cleaning it up but it also greatly reduces the chance of experiencing paint discoloration and windshield blurring. Now that summer is here, utilize these tips to help keep your car bug free!

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Use a Bug Repellent Washer Fluid

During the summer months, consider using a product like Prestone’s BugWash to help remove and prevent bugs from accumulating on your windshield. Not only does it break down and remove bugs, but it creates a slippery barrier to help prevent bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap from sticking.