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The Future of Windshields

Kent Lansing
Aug 6, 2012

Windshields have already come a long way from what they used to be. They started off as a plain and simple pane of glass to something that has built in safety features, among other benefits. Technology is always progressing, and every single thing is getting improved by it in one way or another. Obviously, this applies to your windshield as well. While it is still in development, windshields of the future have been featured in auto shows and technology websites.

Some windshields already feature HUD’s, or head up displays which fall right in your line of sight and show whatever your gauges typically tell you. Currently in development is a windshield with a full HUD, that is interactive and can show information on things you are driving by. You would be able to make reservations to a passing restaurant just by waving your hand, or find information on a landmark. This shows promise for a future in driving but we are still years away from a windshield like this.

The future seems to go wiper-less. There are concepts in using compressed air to remove rain water or grime from your windshield, or even just simple aerodynamics and surface treatments. Imagine a future where there are no more pesky windshield wiper replacements. Sounds good, right? Whatever the future may hold, you are guaranteed that the windshield of the future will be very different from what you look through now.