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Top 8 Roadtrip Games

Kent Lansing
May 8, 2020

Whether you’re driving to Miami for a bachelor/bachelorette party or driving to the grand canyon for a family getaway, there will always be an element of boredom. 

To help combat that, we have compiled a list of our list of family-friendly games to be played in the car to engage one another and hopefully make some memorable memories.

Car Scavenger Hunt

Before you leave home, make a list of items you expect to see during your road trip, and some items you don’t necessarily expect to see! Take a picture or jot down each time you see a new item and compare lists when you have reached your destination. This is great for traveling with kids to keep them engaged and give their eyes a break from staring at electronics the entire time.

The License Plate Game

Done individually or as a group, make a list of all 50 states, with a little checkbox next to each. As you drive, fill in the corresponding checkbox when you see a license plate from that state. The first one to fill in all checkboxes, or has the most complete when you reach your destination wins!

Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a conversational game that poses a dilemma in the form of a question beginning with “would you rather”? Adaptable to intrigue any group of passengers or crowd, you’re certain to end up in a car with engaged occupants. 

Spelling Bee

As a parent, any time your child is having fun while learning is a win-win. Holding a spelling bee during your road trip will do just that, with prizes for the participants of course. 

Select an array of age-appropriate words, and take turns spelling words. If a participant spells the word correctly, they stay in; if answered incorrectly, they are eliminated from that round.

Punch Buggy

If you don’t know the rules of this game, you will likely catch on very quickly. When a Volkswagen bug is spotted, the first person to see said vehicle is allowed to say “punch buggy” or “slug bug” and gently give another passenger (not the driver) a love tap with their fist. However, the deliverer of said love tap must say “no punch backs” or the lovetap can be returned. 

Car Bingo

A mixture of a scavenger hunt and traditional bingo, ‘car bingo’ is a great way to take a break from the screen and appreciate the views. Completely customizable to fit your road trip and the vehicle occupants, bingo cards can be easily created online with templates or from scratch with a piece of blank paper.

Cows On My Side

A simple game that is guaranteed to get the whole laughing. To get a point, loudly announce ‘Cows on my side!’ every time you see a cow on your side of the vehicle. If you see a cow on the opposite side of the car, simply announce ‘Cow on your side!’ to steal a point from your opponent. If you see a cemetery, announce ‘Ghost cow!’ to steal all of your opponent’s points.

The Quiet Game

An award-winning game. Parents love it.