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Guide to Window Marker Masterpieces

Kent Lansing
Apr 8, 2020

Whether you’re celebrating a special birthday, a newly married couple, or a championship bound team, writing on your windows is a popular way to share the great news. At Glassy we’re auto glass experts, but we like to think we’re pretty good at celebrating as well. Here are a few tips for ensuring safety and finding the right products.

What to Use

Unless you’re really (and we mean REALLY) excited about the announcement, you’re likely going to want the masterpiece to come off of the glass at a later date. For the same reason that Tide Pods have a ‘do not eat’ warning on them, we feel obligated to remind you not to use a sharpie or another permanent marker on your window. 

Due to the vast popularity of window markers, you can find them practically everywhere from Walgreens, to Home Depot or Walmart. While Target does sell them as well, you will likely save a significant amount of money shopping elsewhere to avoid inevitably buying a dozen other items in the process. No judgment, it happens to the best of us.

Found in most local stores and on Amazon, Chalktastic is our go-to brand for window markers. With round and chisel tips included, you will have the flexibility to create the next Mona Lisa and write the next Romeo & Juliet with the same marker. 

Cleaning the Surface

For the best results, we recommend taking a few minutes to wipe down the intended canvas before using the marker. Not only will your artistic masterpiece look better on a clean window, it will not have to fight the dirt, debris, and assorted bird droppings to create good adhesion. 

Post-Celebration Removal

As the days (or weeks) pass, you may decide you would like your beautiful canvas to be clean again. Removing the chalk marker from your window is remarkably pain-free, only requiring a damp cloth and some of your significant other or youngest child’s elbow grease. 

Keeping a Clear View

While this post is meant to be lighthearted and hopefully cause a smile or two, we take safety incredibly seriously. When using chalk markers on auto glass, we highly recommend using them sparingly on the back window and avoiding it completely for the front windshield. Nothing turns an exciting celebration bad quicker than an accident. Driving with poor visibility can result in injury, or possibly worse, to those in your car or sharing the road with you.